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We are a proud, certified USA Gymnastics Member Club focused on the safety and development of
every child while instilling discipline and personal growth through structured gymnastics education.

2019-2020 Results

Fly Right Invite (November 23-24, 2019)

Level 2 Team - 1st Place Team

1st Place:  Ella Gus (V, FX, AA), Alani Relaford (V, FX, AA), Ines Sulce (V, BB, AA), Ava Wolff (UB), Ladyan Serrano (BB), Mila Bigelow (FX)

2nd Place:  Tatum Arth (BB, FX, AA), Ava Wolff (AA), Alani Relaford (UB, BB), Ella Gus (UB, BB), Ladyan Serrano (V, FX), Ines Sulce (UB), Anna Rudowsky (V)

3rd Place:  Ladyan Serrano (AA), Ava Wolff (V, BB), Maya Walter (V, UB), Bailee McNally (UB), Ines Sulce (FX)

Level 3 Team - 2nd Place Team

1st Place:  Brooke Eckert (BB, FX, AA), Kenzie Kollias (FX, AA), Aaliyah Hernandez (UB, FX), Bailey Bechtel (BB, FX), Jenna Jolly (UB), Kelsey Mooney (UB), CeeCee Broadus (FX)

2nd Place:  Aaliyah Hernandez (AA), Bailey Bechtel (AA), Giulia Turtoi (UB), Kenzie Kollias (BB), Claire Costilow (V)

3rd Place:  Kelsey Mooney (BB, AA), Sydnie Petrus (BB, FX, AA), Aaliyah Hernandez (V), Bailey Bechtel (UB), Claire Costilow (UB), Olivia A. (UB)

Level 4 Team - 2nd Place Team

1st Place:  Abigail Straubhaar (V, UB, AA), Rachael Barton (BB), Hazel Webb (BB), Isabella Santori (BB), Maggie Larkin (BB)

2nd Place:  Maggie Larkin (UB, FX, AA), Ileana Agnew (FX, AA), Isabella Santori (AA), Marina Stolarek-Houston (UB), Abigail Straubhaar (FX), Ava Brych (BB)

3rd Place:  Hannah Krane (BB, FX, AA), Hazel Webb (FX, AA), Isabella Santori (UB, FX), Ileana Agnew (UB), Emma Rudowsky (BB), Angelina Pruitt (V), Leah Feliciano (V), Meghan McGraw (UB)

Level 5 Team - 1st Place Team

1st Place:  Ruby Satanek (BB, FX, AA), Sarah VanDress (UB), Olivia Clinton (V), Lilly Martin (V), Alyssa Powers (UB)

2nd Place:  Sarah VanDress (V, BB, FX, AA), Lilly Marin (AA), Ruby Satanek (UB)

3rd Place:  Alyssa Powers (V, BB), Lilly Martin (FX), Josie Swartz (V)

Gymnastics on the Grand (December 6-8, 2019)

Ohio Judges Cup (December 6-8, 2019)

Ron Ganim Legends Invitational (December 13-15, 2019)