Welcome to X-treme Gymnastics

We are a proud, certified USA Gymnastics Member Club focused on the safety and development of
every child while instilling discipline and personal growth through structured gymnastics education.

Recreational Schedules

Important Recreational Class Reminders

Fall Session 1 begins August 19-September 28, 2019.
Please register in advance to secure your spot in class!
All classes are first come, first serve.
We are so excited to see you in class starting Aug. 19!

Fall Session 1: August 19-September 28, 2019 (6 weeks)

Class Availability


4:30-5:25 PM  Super Stars - FULL

5:30-6:25 PM  Super Stars - 6 SPOTS

6:30-7:25 PM  Beginner - 4 SPOTS

7:30-8:25 PM  Intermediate 1 - 5 SPOTS


5:00-5:55 PM  Super Stars - FULL

6:00-6:55 PM  Beginner - FULL

6:00-6:55 PM  Intermediate 1 - FULL

7:00-8:25 PM  Intermediate 2 - FULL

7:00-8:25 PM  Advanced 1 - FULL

7:00-8:25 PM  Advanced 2 - FULL


11:00-11:55 AM  Parent & Tot - 4 SPOTS

12:00-12:55 PM  Super Stars - 4 SPOTS

7:30 PM-8:25 PM  Tumbling - 3 SPOTS


5:00-5:55 PM  Super Stars - FULL

5:00-6:25 PM  Intermediate 2 - 3 SPOTS

6:00-6:55 PM  Intermediate 1 - 5 SPOTS

6:30-7:55 PM  Advanced 1 - FULL

6:30-7:55 PM  Advanced 2 - FULL

7:00-8:25 PM  Intermediate 2 - 4 SPOTS


4:30-5:25 PM  Super Stars - FULL

5:30-6:25 PM  Super Stars - 3 SPOTS

5:30-6:25 PM  Beginner - 3 SPOTS

6:30-7:25 PM  Beginner - 4 SPOTS

6:30-7:25 PM  Intermediate 1 - 2 SPOTS

7:30-8:30 PM  Open Gym


9:00-9:55 AM  Super Stars - FULL

10:00-10:55 AM  Beginner - 4 SPOTS

10:00-10:55 AM  Intermediate 1 - 3 SPOTS

11:00-12:25 PM  Intermediate 2 - 2 SPOTS

11:00-12:25 PM  Advanced 1 - FULL

11:00-12:25 PM  Advanced 2 - FULL

12:30-1:25 PM  Beginner - 7 SPOTS

12:30-1:25 PM  Tumbling - 8 SPOTS

1:30-2:55 PM  Advanced 1 - 8 SPOTS

1:30-2:55 PM  Advanced 2 - 8 SPOTS

Class Schedule

Click the schedule image below to view the PDF version of the schedule as well as our tuition costs.

Class Discounts

Multi-Sibling Discount

Receive a $5 discount off your tuition for each additional sibling that you register for a session.

Multi-Class Discount

When you register for two or more classes per week, you will receive a $5 discount off each additional class that you register for.

There are NO Annual Registration Fees 

associated for Recreational class students!

Important Information

About Fall Session 1
Our Fall Session 1 is a 6 week session. We will be closed Monday, September 2nd for Labor Day; therefore, all Monday classes can be prorated for 5 weeks at the time of registration (or you may choose to pay the 6 week price and do a make up class on a different day & time).

Priority Registration 
Priority Registration was July 15-July 20. This time allowed all current Summer students time to register for the Fall Session 1 BEFORE public registration opened. 

Public Registration
Public Registration opened July 22. At this time all classes become first come, first serve, regardless of prior enrollment. 

Late Registration
If you missed the start of the session and would still like to join the current session, we may be able to accommodate you as long as a class still has a space available. Student to reach ratios are VERY important to us; therefore, we are only able to take a certain number of students in each class. If available, we would pro-rate your tuition for the remainder of the session. Please call us at 440-260-0470 if you are interested in this option and would like additional information. 

How to Register

1. Check our current class availability.

2. PRINT out the Registration Form.

3. VIEW our Gym Rules and Policies.

4. Select your day and time for the session.

5. Turn in your signed Registration Form and your full tuition payment. We accept cash or check. Credit/debit cards will incur a 3% processing fee.

Fall Session 2: September 30-November 9, 2019 (6 weeks)

Schedule & Information Coming Soon!

Winter Session 1: November 11-December 21 (6 weeks)

Schedule & Information Coming Soon!

Important Registration Information

REGISTER IN ADVANCE.  X-treme Gymnastics recommends registering when Priority Registration and/or Public Registration opens. All classes are all first come, first serve regardless of prior enrollment.

-  Spaces are limited to ensure low student to teacher ratios in all of our classes.
-  Full payment is due at the time of registration in order to hold your spot in class.
-  Registration is done in person during our business hours. You may also mail in registration and payment.
-  All participants must have a completed and signed registration/waiver form on file before their first class.
-  If you would like to join the remainder of a session that is currently going on, we may be able to pro rate you into a class as long as that class still has space. Please call us at 440-260-0470 if you are interested in this option and would like additional information on current class availability.